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Are you using the same range of makeup products on all of your salon clients? This is a mistake, according to makeup/skin care authority Lia Schorr, who emphasizes the importance of custom-selecting the proper col-ors, textures and techniques for a client's age group as well as her skin type, natural coloring and lifestyle.

Here are some of Lia's suggestions: For your teen clients, aim for a natural look... clean and healthy, not overly "made up. "

A clear-skinned adolescent looks best in a minimum amount of founda-tion, applied with a very light touch Concealer may be needed to cover minor blemishes.

Avoid strong or bright makeup colors, For 18- to 30year-olds use the widest variety of makeup, and the frosts and dusts that lend a touch of dazzle to eyes, lips and cheeks. Your over-40 clientele, like the teens, should aim for the light, natural look in foundation, with the exception of concealer under the eyes to minimize shadows and tiny lines.

Avoid frosted eye shadows that create a "tired" look and accent eyelid creases. Choose a cream blusher instead of a powder, it covers lines better. Use softer, tighter colors around the eyes — dark brown mascara and light brown or charcoal gray eyeliner rather than black — to flatter mature faces.