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This is the "core curriculum" - the 600-hour course that prepares you to take the New York State written and practical exams for a license. At the Lia Schorr Institute of cosmetic skin care training, this esthetics course goes well beyond the basics.Our teachers have a wealth of experience, are passionate about the field they're in, and look forward to sharing their knowledge with you.

As one of the top esthetic schools in the country, the Lia Schorr Institute of cosmetic skin care training takes pride in not only teaching students the basic science of skin but also the art of skin analysis. Our esthetic course teaches you not just how to give a facial but how to assess what type of facial is best for each person (and you'll learn 7 different types). In additiona to skincare theory, waxing, the science of product ingredients, makeup choices and application techniques (an information-packed 70 hours of instruction), you'll be introduced to the all-important art of client communication. Our curriculum is based on state-of-the-art scientific advances combined with the best traditional European and American techniques.

No wonder our graduates are in such high demand in the field-and our students come to us from all across the country and around the world (as do our experienced roster of teachers). The Lia Schorr Institute is licensed by the New York State Education Department and accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences. Our esthetic school has students of every age, from those who are just starting out in the work world to those who have decided to make a change or enhancement in their careers.

Getting your license can give you what you need to get a job in a spa or salon, to work in the cosmetic or fashion fields from department stores to selling cosmetics and skincare to the stores, to working as a trainer for major cosmetics companies around the world, or even to work with doctors in the field of dermatology, plastic surgery, chiropractic or nutrition. You will learn business principles that will make you comfortable in any job situation. Some of our former students have moved on to manage salons or spas or even to open businesses on their own. They also know they have entered a highly rewarding field with flexibility, where work can be full- or part-time, seasonal or based in different areas of the world. And at the Lia Schorr Institute, they know they are receiving training to be the best they can be.

Classes Start the First Monday of Every Month

Full-time Schedule: 
30 hrs/week - Mon-Fri, 10-5pm

Part-time Schedule: 
15 hrs/week, Morning 10-1pm, Afternoon 2-5pm, Evening 5:30-8:30 pm

Weekend Schedule: 
16 hrs/week - Sat-Sun, 9-5:30pm


Minimum age of 18, HS Diploma or GED

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