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10 Biggest Skin-Care Mistakes

By Not Following Sound Skin Advice, You Can Do More Harm Than Good.
by Lia Schorr

Beauty Handbook Advisory Board

When it comes to taking care of their skin, women make mistakes that in some cases can do more harm than good.Here is a look at the top ten mistakes women make and how to combat them:

1-Sitting in the sun.

Women should not deliberately sit in the sun. And on a daily basis they should wear moisturizer with SPF to protect their skin from the sun's damage. If you want to sit in the sun, do it in small increments of 15 minutes at a time. The idea is to build a sun tan that is a foundation to the skin rather than just burning the outer layer of the skin.

2-Using soap.

Because many soaps have detergents in them, they can be drying to the skin. It is a mistake for women to think that soap cleans the skin. It is best to use a cleansing lotion that is specifically designed for you individual skin type.

3-Picking the skin.

Even-though you are tempted you should never pick the skin. By trying to pop pimples or pick blackheads you can cause an infection or even worse marks and scarring. You should not compete with the expert who is trained to remove such blemishes.

4-Sleeping with makeup.

Too often women are lazy and neglectful and go to sleep with their makeup on. While you sleep, it is essential that you provide your skin with a chance to breathe and recoup from its exposure to the tough daily environment.
Your best bet is to totally clean your face at night, remove all your make up and push hair away from the face ensuring that your skin has the optimum chance to breathe.

5-Exercising with makeup.

When you exercise, you perspire, which is good for the skin because it helps to clean out the pores. But if you wear makeup while you sweat, you prevent the skin from breathing and the sweat can get clogged in the pores, possibly causing a rash or irritation.

6-Scrubbing the skin.

A scrub is not a mask nor does it remove dead cells.
It is a cleanser that is designed to remove blackheads from the T-zone area. The best way to use a scrub is three times a week. After cleaning the skin. completely, apply the scrub to the T-zone area.The best way to use a scrub is three time a week. After cleaning the skin completely,apply the scrub to the T-zone area.

7-Using old products.

You should not use a product that is more than six months old. After six months, a product loses its strength and ability to function. Also by using an old product, you may cause the skin to get an irritation from it.

8-Sharing products.

You should never share products with someone else, regard less if they are your sister or daughter.

9-Not using moisturizer.

Moisturizer is very important for the skin especially if you swim in a chlorine pool or sit in a sauna or steam room.

10-Not trusting your own instincts.

When it comes to selecting a product or rather than service a woman must trust her own instincts.She should do research about the product and/or salon. She should not just take the word of a professional;she should ask if she can sample or purchase a trial size of the product to see if it works and does not cause any reaction or skin irritation.